How to pack for a Winter Trip

When you want to get information on packing tips on the web sometimes, you get a lot of literature stating the common travel tips, some making sense, and others giving vague information. The secret is to avoiding packing a lot of stuff, pack gloves and a hat –but I bet you know all that information already.

Here are the tips to help you pack:

Hats are the secret of staying warm

If you have ever worn bulky clothing into a jazz club, music bar or a concert hall, you will understand that you will experience the same uncomfortable feeling if you did the same on an airplane. The secret is dress light and carry a warm hat and a light fleece with you. It will help you to stay warm during your airports’ sprint or your short walks during the morning cold. If you want to avoid a burn-off, always wear a good hat.

You can sum up the requirements of a standard travel hat as one which:

  •         covers back of your neck at least partly
  •         covers your ears fully
  •         has no fluff ball, flaps or any other wasted mass
  •         One made of modern, thin material to give maximum warmth.

Shoes as your first heavy item

Your feet have been on the front line of most weather condition that you will come across, do not fear to go big in this area. A decent looking, solid low frills pair of winter boots will be of great help if worn right on the airplane. They will come in handy over and over again during your winter vacation.

Requirements of the best shoes when traveling in winter:

  •         Light lacing-You will pass through security screening, so a pair of boots or shoes that do not require much untying and tying will serve you best.
  •         Weather proof-The best styling nowadays is Gore-Tex gear
  •         Dark colored-This helps in shielding visible stains from slush and mud.
  1. 3. Gloves-Light, Breathable, Waterproof and thin

We are off the era of wool gloves and heavy mittens, for the smart travelers; buy a great pair of waterproof, warm and thin gloves that weigh a few ounces and occupy few inches of your suitcases. Breathability allows you to wear them across varying ranges of temperature. Waterproofing ensures that they are still useful to you even during the worst weather. Their strong packaging guarantees that they pose a low impact as you carry them around and when packing them.

  1. Clothing-Morning paper trick of layering up

Almost all tips given on packing, dressing and staying warm in winter include dressing in layers. This advice sounds great but how should you get it done? Where should you begin and where should you stop? If you do not come up with a good plan, you can end up layering yourself to look like Michelin man. To learn how to choose and pick from the clothes you have, try this trick.

Use a morning paper approach to pack for winter;

  •         Wrap a long light or short sleeves t-shirt or shirt to read your paper indoors
  •         Long sleeve with a top over to wear when grabbing the article from the stoop
  •         Sweater or fleece is worn when getting the paper when it is raining from the curb.

There you have it. Go out and enjoy your winter vacation!