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  • LARGE ENCLOSED SPACE-This interactive and expandable habitat for small pets provides over 28 square feet of enclosed area for pets, ensuring that they have enough room for play and exercise.

  • KEEPS YOUR PET SAFE - The black steel wiring with matching heavy duty plastic connectors provides long lasting protection which can keep your pet safe and secure, inside or outside.

  • QUICK AND EASY ASSEMBLY - Assembly is tool-free and takes mere minutes when following the included installation instructions. We trust that you will be impressed with this aesthetically pleasing desig

  • CUSTOMIZABLEPET PLAYPEN - Interlocking panels give you multiple combination options which can be made into any shape you like.

  • DURABLE AND MOVABLE - It is durable, washable, and movable due to its pioneering design. This versatile playpen can be used for a variety of pets. Its independent panels are convenient for storage whe

    Model: CB05PB

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Our mission is to help you keep your pet healthy and happy
The Pen provided by TESPO for Pets provides a great enclosure to keep your pet safe and secure while indoors or outside.
It is made from selected resin panels with matching heavy duty plastic connectors,
which provide long lasting protection .
The Pen by TESPO for Pets consists of 12 high quality panels. It can be made into whatever shape is suitable for your home,
whether in the living room or other smaller space. When fully expanded, it can provide your pet with 15 square feet of enclosed play area.
Each pen is simple to set up (no tools required). Physical activity is essential to keeping your pet healthy and happy.
These pens offer your pets the space they need with security you can trust.
The open and interactive style can help pet owners build bonds with their pets easier. Take your pet wherever you go!
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